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Our Price: $23,995.00
Our Price: $22,995.00

Easy Performance Cruiser

Based on the successful launch of her bigger sister, Simonis-Voogd designed a smaller multi-purpose yacht: the FAREAST 18. This modern yacht is designed to combine good sailing performance and maximum comfort in a yacht under 6 meters.

Compact Performance Racer

The already superb sailing characteristics and performance of the regular 18 have been extended into a compact racing version, the FAREAST 18R, with a completely new deck, and deck gear layout optimized for racing.

Fareast 23R
Our Price: $34,995.00
Our Price: $50,995.00

The Fareast 23R has been designed to meet the need for an attractive and fast club racing boat. With the pedigree and the lines of her “bigger sister” the Fareast 28R, the 23R is just a bit smaller and therefore easier to tow around and launch from a ramp.

High Performance Cruiser

The FAREAST 26 brings a breath of fresh air into yachting. This new entry level yacht set the bar high for those who want to compete with it on price, performance and quality. It is the ultimate sporty and easy to sail keel yacht, with beautiful lines so characteristic of the world renowned designs of Simonis-Voogd.

Our Price: $49,995.00
Our Price: $165,000.00

High Performance Sportboat

The Fareast 28R is the latest addition to the Fareast Yachts family designed by Simonis Voogd. The design brief for the 28R envisioned a boat that would bridge the gap between the simplicity and affordably of the Fareast 26 and the all out, no holds barred, performance of the all carbon fiber Fareast 31R.

Pure Racing Experience

With the launch of the FAREAST 31R, Simonis-Voogd and Far East are changing the definition of “Racing” in the yachting world. The highly recognizable hull and deck is full of innovations and built with precision to deliver an exact quality to bring you ultimate racing experience with adrenalin pumping boat speeds.